Top 10 Tuesday: Quotes from UnMarketing (#UnBook)

I just finished reading UnMarketing on Saturday night,
and it was such a good read!

UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.
Informative, challenging, and just fun to read.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

{1} “You never know who somebody really is and who they might be down the road.”

This is true in EVERY area of life, but especially when it comes to marketing your brand or product. Treat everyone like they are someone special, because they truly ARE!

{2} “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and one tweet to screw it all up.”

SO true!

{3} “If you do not have great content it does not matter at all how you deliver it.”

What they say about content being king is true – great content will sell itself.

{4} “If you want to build a presence in the social media platform, then you need to be present.”

While it’s okay to use auto-tweets occasionally, you really need to be available to continue the conversation with anyone who responds to your tweets. Tweeting is not a one-way street, it’s a conversation.

{5} “When you’re good, you tell people. When you’re great, others say it for you.”

We’ve all seen this to be true, especially in the world of blogging. Who doesn’t love to share a GREAT post they’ve found?

{6} “The best ideas in the world aren’t the profitable ones. The best-implemented ideas are.”

I know this to be true in my life – I have a ton of GREAT ideas, but if I don’t implement them well, they are worthless.

{7} “Twitter is a community, a conversation, not a pitch platform.”

I just cleaned my following list on Twitter out last week, eliminating those that I was following that were using Twitter only to promote themselves and their blogs. If that’s all your using Twitter for, there are other, much more effective ways to promote your blog. Twitter is all about interaction (see #4 above).

{8} “Authenticity is everything. It’s not about how many followers you have, but your engagement with them.”

We don’t have enough time in a day to follow every great writer/blogger/business out there. The ones that interact with us and make us feel like we’re important to them are the ones that are going to gain our loyalty.

{9} “Nothing out there [in social media] will ever change the fact the relationships take time.”

If you haven’t already experienced this, you will. Becoming fast-friends with others in social media is more the exception than the norm. Take the time to build lasting relationships with others, just as you would in real life.

{10} “You’ve got to invest in something before withdrawing.”

Just as you wouldn’t go to a bank to take money out that you didn’t first put in, neither should you expect to have an instant following on a social media platform. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter – they all take time to build relationships and influence (see #9 above). Don’t expect to be great overnight!

UnMarketing is not just a book about marketing – it is so much more! I would highly recommend it to anyone attempting to spread their blog, brand, products, etc. You can follow the author, Scott Stratten, on Twitter: @UnMarketing.

Which quote stands out to you? Share it and tell us why in the comments below!!

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  • unmarketing

    Well this made my day :) So glad you enjoyed the book! You picked out some of my fave lines too!

  • apichea

    It wasn't a book I would have probably picked up in a bookstore on my own, but I'm so glad that I read a recommendation of it (on Life Your Way)! It definitely has already impacted the way I view social media, and I've already begun to implement several ideas I picked up from it. Thanks!

  • NEELYmusic

    PR types say that you should "follow back" as a courtesy but I've struggled with that…now that I read this list (point #7 in particular) I am going to go through and clean up my follow list :) Thanks so much for your posts…they are always encouraging to us!!!

  • apichea

    Another thing Scott mentioned in the book is that your "following" list is a reflection on you. You could be following spammers or porn-stars without knowing it by "following back" everyone who follows you. That made me curious about what others' were tweeting who I was following.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

  • halvarez

    I haven't read the book yet, but I am looking forward to it. Planning to pick it up this weekend (either via Kobo or Chapters). Love the quotes.

  • Chris Fairchild

    I got the audio from Audible last week and just finished my second run-through. There's so much value in there, I will probably get the hard-cover just for reference!!!

  • apichea

    You won't be disappointed… the footnotes are hilarious and the content is inspired!

  • apichea

    I thought about getting the Kindle version when I bought it, but I love having a highlighter in hand when I read – glad for the hardcover!

  • Jamie (@va_grown)

    I think #4 and #7 sort of go hand in hand. As I've gotten use to it, I've started designating more blocks of time for Twitter than just a second to post or check–so I'm actually there for enough time to have a conversation, not just pop in and out so randomly. I've definitely seen a difference in building relationships (although #9 is spot on too!).

  • apichea

    I need to be better about setting blocks of time rather than checking
    throughout the day. Not only does it actually eat up MORE time when I check
    throughout the day, but I actually tend to get "better relational results"
    when I have time blocks set to "chat" via Twitter. It's something I need to
    continue to work on!

  • NEELYmusic

    Wow…we never even thought of that!!! We haven't knowingly done anything like that…but if you see anything suspect please let us know :)

  • apichea

    I haven't seen anything on your account… just seen some other friends
    following people that I have blocked for SPAM and whatnot. I think they must

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