The Resurrection – a GrapeVine Bible Study

The Resurrection

While the kids have both grown up hearing the basics of the Easter story, including the resurrection of Christ, I decided that The Resurrection study from GrapeVine Bible Studies would be a perfect tool to take them deeper into the details as we prepare for the upcoming Easter season.GrapeVine Studies - Resurrection study  |


Using GVS in our Homeschool

We have loved using GrapeVine Bible Studies as a part of our daily homeschool routine for Jenny over the past several months {see our reviews of Joseph, Esther, and the Old Testament Basics}, but David had been feeling left out. When I saw that GrapeVine was introducing traceables as an option for their student workbooks, I was excited to get my hands on a new study so I could try and include David.

As I’ve done in the past, I chose to order the multi-level eBooks (teacher and student) in order to have the greatest flexibility with our personal use of the GrapeVine Bible Study. I then printed out only the pages of the traceable student eBook that we were going to be using. I bound the pages together using a three-hole punch and some yarn (I really need to invest in a binding machine!), creating a “Bible time notebook” for each of the kids.

I also added some lined paper after each lesson in Jenny’s notebook for her to be able to answer the review questions and write out her memory verse.


GrapeVine Bible Study Traceables

I wasn’t sure how well David would like the traceables, so I was pleased when he saw his “Bible time notebook” and eagerly started tracing the pictures in the first lesson.

GrapeVine Studies - Traceable Workbooks |

I think it’s safe to say that he LOVES the traceables and the fact that he is now included in this part of our daily homeschool routine!

Jenny has also enjoyed using the traceables with this study (I gave her the option of using them or doing the study in her journal as we’ve done in the past), in lieu of having to attempt the stick figure drawings on her own.


A Free Printable

My only “disappointment” with the traceable student workbook is that there are no traceable memory verse pages. (This is due to GrapeVine Bible Studies’ desire to be able to be used with any Bible translation.) So, after a few lessons of not having any verses for David to trace, I decided to create my own.

I created a print version of the traceable memory verses for David, and then Jenny asked for a set in cursive (she’s really into learning cursive right now), so I create a set in cursive as well.

I created both versions (print and cursive) using the ESV Bible, as it is our family’s standard version of the Bible.

Click on either image below (or its caption) to open the printable PDF:

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of The Resurrection study from GrapeVine Bible Studies in exchange for my honest review.

  • Heather Renazel Brauer

    We teach our children about Easter through reading the bible, talking about it, and atttending church.

  • Regina Smith

    We teach about Easter through reading the out of the bible, children’s bible, crafts, and conversation.

  • Sarah Keery

    This is our first year of HE but we’ll be reading the StoryBook bible and have David Suchet read it to us, we’ll watch it on DVD and then bake some resurrection cookies and talk about the meaning of Easter whilst baking.

  • Gigi

    We read the Bible and Easter books, talk about it, attend church, live it out. :)

  • Jessica Young

    I’ve been thinking about Easter and how to make it fun for the kids but not miss the meaning. We haven’t done a lot in the past, because I’ve been clueless! Luckily our kids are still young and we can be intentional about celebrating this year. I was hoping to find a craft or hands on activity to enforce the Easter story. We’re doing an Easter party with their friends and an Egg hunt at our house. Other than that, I’m still investigating….

  • Jeniver

    We have done resurrection eggs, resurrection cookies and reading of the Bible in the past. Would love a new source to use.

  • Missy

    We usually read books and do some activities I find online. But as my oldest get older it would be nice to go into a little more depth.

  • Melanie

    We read books, do art crafts, Bible stories and attend church.

  • Becky Marie

    We haven’t done anything big for Easter in previous years. This is the first where Bebop is old enough to ask a lot of questions. It’s time to start some traditions!

  • Becky Robinett Milstead

    We read a book called Journey to the Cross together for Easter.

  • Christine

    Beginners bible video on story of easter and crafts.

  • Mandy

    We use the Jesus Story book Bible…and last year we made a “Resurrection Garden” (found on pinterest) the kids LOVED doing it.

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