10 Summer Staycation Ideas for Battle Creek, MI

Summer Staycation Ideas

We love exploring nearby towns and local venues, so I thought it would be fun to create a list of summer staycation ideas for Battle Creek, MI – my hometown. We’re looking forward to visiting several of these locations and participating in these festivals this summer! 10 Summer Staycation Ideas for Battle… Read More »

100 Days of Summertime

100 Days of Summertime

Since we made the decision to send the kids to school in the fall, I’ve begun to realize that my days with them at home all day are numbered. And while that’s a good thing, I’m also wanting to make the most of the time we have together this summer,… Read More »

Back to School: September Vacation


In the middle of August this homeschool mother’s thoughts turn toward—vacations? Yes, it’s true. For many years we’ve vacationed the first two weeks of September. Lest you think we’ve completely lost our minds, we usually begin school the middle of August. After two weeks I find that I know what… Read More »

Road Trips: Tips and Tricks


Our family loves road trips. My husband loves travelling and going out of town. He also loves long drives. As a pastor he is not able to do that as often as he would like, so we always make it a point to go at least once a year on… Read More »

Back to School Bucket List


Back to school is here already. It doesn’t matter where your kids go to school – home, public, private, etc. – it’s almost time to go back. That means routines and life is switching gears. As we roll up the summer with a bow, here are a few things that… Read More »

Beat the Heat with Water Olympics


We live in Georgia, and it is hot, hot, hot during the summer months. So hot at times that it is unbearable! Where we live we can not have a pool, so we have to find other creative ways to beat the heat. Beat the Heat with Water Olympics One… Read More »

Relax… It’s Summer


I don’t know about you but life has just become way too busy. I have actually found it hard to sit down and relax without thinking of about a million things that still need to be done. So I made a vow to myself that I would take time to… Read More »

Summer Bucket List: Go Camping


Growing up my parents instilled a love of camping in my brothers and I. When other families were going to theme parks, we were hiking mountains, fishing in streams, mountain biking and enjoying s’mores by the campfire at night. As a mom, I’m striving to instill a love of the… Read More »

Summer Bucket List: In Praise of Mundane Simplicity


Nothing about the phrase ‘bucket list’ evokes mundane or simple ideas, does it? Even when you say, “summer bucket list,” you envision out of the ordinary places and activities. I usually think of the list my son created when he was eighteen. He’s twenty-three now and has checked off such… Read More »

Summer Bucket List Idea: Visit an Aquarium


One of the highlights of completing a homeschool unit study in our family is taking a field trip that relates to what we’ve just learned. Hands-on learning creates some great family memories as well. One of those fun field trips — or summer staycation ideas — is a visit to… Read More »