Summer Bucket List: Building a Nature Collage


My boys love to be outside. My three-year-old, in particular, would stay outside all day if I’d let him. One thing he loves to do is walk around our neighborhood. I love it too, because… Read More »

Summer Bucket List: Homemade Strawberry Sorbet


Strawberries are a summer-time tradition A lot of our traditional summer activities we look forward to every summer are food related. Strawberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches are all an integral part of our summer: finding roadside… Read More »

Summer Bucket List: Trip to the Zoo


In my mind, it’s not truly summer without a trip to the zoo! We’ve been attempting to get to the zoo this summer, and though our first two tries weren’t successful {due to weather}, last… Read More »

Summer Bucket List: Visit the Library, Read a Book, and Go Beyond the Book


Visit the Library Though we spend a lot of time at the local library during the school year, summertime extends our love of the library. It’s in the summer that we lengthen our list of… Read More »

Summer Bucket List: Watch a Movie {Hermie DVD review & giveaway}

Hermie DVD - Beehaving is best

When it’s too hot to play outside, a movie is a great way to beat the heat! Last week, we avoided the heat and popped in the new Hermie DVD from Tommy Nelson, BEEhaving is… Read More »

Summer Bucket List: Letterboxing


Letterboxing has been on my bucket list since I heard about it over 8 years ago. I’m writing this guest post to encourage myself to check it off my list. Letterboxing is an outdoor activity… Read More »

Summer Bucket List: Sidewalk Chalk Science


Science lessons can happen anywhere or anytime. Such was the case on one warm day in the middle of May where we enjoyed an afternoon of Sidewalk Chalk Science, learning all about ROY G BIV… Read More »

Building a Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List at LIFE by Ashley Pichea

I need your help. I’m building a summer bucket list, and I need ideas! Here’s how it’s going to work… You submit your ideas. {Want to guest post with your idea? I’d love to feature… Read More »