Bible Study Baskets for Kids

Bible Study Basket for Kids

Our pastor recently stated that there is a difference between reading the Bible and studying the Bible: “Bible reading helps you know the content of the Scriptures, and Bible studying helps you know the meaning of the Scriptures.” As I pondered this in relation to my own Bible reading and… Read More »

Teaching Kids About the Bible

Teaching Kids About the Bible with the New Testament Catechism from Grapevine

While it’s important to teach your kids how to study the Bible on their own, it’s equally important to teach them some basic facts about the Bible and its contents. One of my favorite ways to teach my kids Bible basics is through a relaxed catechism approach. What is Catechism?… Read More »

Grapevine Giveaway


“Mom – can you print me off some more Grapevine Bible study pages?” That’s a common request around here. Jenny absolutely LOVES Grapevine Studies, and it was just before we moved last month that I was printing off a new copy of The Resurrection study for her. I told Jenny… Read More »

FREE Sample Lesson from Grapevine Studies


You know how much we LOVE Grapevine Bible Studies at our house… and that’s why I’m excited to share this month’s FREE lesson. Download your free copy today: Days of Creation!

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, or Season’s Greetings?


As Christmas approaches, the age-old debate of whether or not to include Santa Claus in the celebration of Jesus’ birthday comes to the forefront once again. Should we be saying “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Birthday,” or “Season’s Greetings” on December 25th? Right up front, I want to be clear: I am… Read More »

The Resurrection – a GrapeVine Bible Study


The Resurrection While the kids have both grown up hearing the basics of the Easter story, including the resurrection of Christ, I decided that The Resurrection study from GrapeVine Bible Studies would be a perfect tool to take them deeper into the details as we prepare for the upcoming Easter… Read More »

Old Testament Basics with GrapeVine Studies


Old Testament Basics The past month or so, we’ve been working through GrapeVine Studies Old Testament Basics as part of Jenny’s daily work in our homeschool. We love GrapeVine Studies Old Testament Basics because it allows us to combine four different “subjects” into one! Bible All of the activities that… Read More »

Studying the Book of Esther with GrapeVine Studies


We Love GrapeVine Studies A few months ago, I was introduced to GrapeVine Studies and had the opportunity to review the GrapeVine Bible Study on the Life of Joseph. Jenny absolutely LOVED using the GrapeVine Studies method of stick-figuring her way through the Bible, and kept asking me when we… Read More »