Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

Last weekend, I mentioned that Easter was coming up soon, and Jenny immediately started bemoaning the fact that they don’t get Easter baskets. (We’re “mean” parents – we know.) Grandma came to the rescue, however, and insinuated that they may be getting one this year, so I started brainstorming ideas… Read More »

Fill Your Kids’ Easter Baskets with A Very Veggie Easter Collection from VeggieTales


Do you put together Easter baskets for your kids? Why not include A Very Veggie Easter Collection from VeggieTales in your kids’ Easter baskets this year?   A Very Veggie Easter Collection What’s better than a chocolate bunny at Easter? VEGGIES!! Veggies? Yes, Veggies!! Bob, Larry, and the rest of… Read More »

The Resurrection – a GrapeVine Bible Study


The Resurrection While the kids have both grown up hearing the basics of the Easter story, including the resurrection of Christ, I decided that The Resurrection study from GrapeVine Bible Studies would be a perfect tool to take them deeper into the details as we prepare for the upcoming Easter… Read More »

Preparing for Easter with The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


We’ve been on a Narnia kick lately. It all started on a Saturday afternoon last month when our plans changed. We were headed to Michigan one minute, and the next we were staying home with no plans for the weekend. Browsing the TV Guide, I saw that ABC Family was… Read More »

The Parable of the Lily {a Tommy Nelson review and giveaway}


The True Meaning of Easter In a world obsessed with getting instead of giving, it’s often difficult to find quality resources that teach the truth  – especially when it comes to the two major Christian holidays: Christmas and Easter. Thankfully, there are Christian publishing companies, such as Tommy Nelson, that… Read More »

Simon and the Easter Miracle {book review}


We love books that help us focus on the true meaning of Easter, and Simon and the Easter Miracle by Mary Joslin and Anna Luraschi is one that we’re glad to add to our library! {From the Publisher}: The gospels tell of Simon of Cyrene–“a man coming in from the… Read More »

My Easter Bible Storybook {a Tommy Nelson review and giveaway}


Just in time for Easter, Tommy Nelson has released a beautiful Precious Moments Easter storybook, My Easter Bible Storybook. Having grown up with a mom who collected Precious Moments, I have a special place in my heart for the Precious Moments characters, and this Precious Moments Easter Storybook Bible is… Read More »

Easter Dinner Place Cards

We’re headed to my grandparents’ house for Easter dinner on Sunday, and they like to put place cards at each setting to indicate who is sitting there.  We gave them a call yesterday to see if Jenny could make the place cards for Sunday dinner. I printed out 15 place… Read More »

Easter: Memory and Bingo Game


One of the activities I wanted to do this week was an Easter memory game.  Jenny’s been playing a memory game on her ClickStart computer lately, and is doing really well on the advanced level, so I thought she might enjoy this Easter memory game.  She, however, wanted to play… Read More »

Easter Stories


This morning, we scoured the bookshelves to find some Easter stories to read together. We read from The Baby Bible Storybook, “Jesus is Alive!”  (I added a few parts to the story, since it skips over the MOST IMPORTANT PART of Easter.) We also read a number of stories leading… Read More »