Sin is…

Sin: a disease that causes us to love ANYTHING more than we love God.”


If you looked at my life lately, you might not see my love for God at the top of the list. I’ve been preoccupied with blogging, writing, family, watching TV, etc. Spending time in the Word and in prayer has fallen to the side. As I read this quote from a sermon I heard this past winter, I was convicted of my need to reprioritize – putting God back at the center of my life rather than considering my time in the Word and in prayer as an “add-on” to my daily list of things needing to get accomplished. I need to get back to starting my day in the Word and in prayer – submitting my day to God’s direction and will for my life.

What have you been loving too much lately? Share with us in the comments…

  • Bolhuis5

    I understand with you completely and also agree that I have had the same problem.  Too much Facebook so I’m doing the same thing you did, Ashley.  Thanks for sharing your true self!

    • Ashley Pichea

      Thanks for sharing, Jill. It’s definitely a daily struggle to put God first, keeping Him at the center of your day!

  • Joywriter

    For me, if I have to go somewhere in the morning, or if anything happens to distract me before I get into my Bible and prayer time, I seem to stay off track for the rest of the day. I really need to guard that early morning time! Thanks for this post; at least I’m not alone.

    • Ashley Pichea

      I completely understand and agree. I’ve started to slack off on my morning routine, so the kids tend to be up and needing me before I make it out of bed, cutting out my time to spend in the Word. I need to recharge my mornings!

  • Leigh Ann

    It is so easy to jump right into our day without first considering the one who made this day. I’m with you! For me, I’ve been spending too much time under the covers … sleeping has become an idol. Yes, I am up several times at night with a baby, but sleep isn’t the problem -my lack of fellowship with the Lord is.

    Thanks for this post. Great reminder!

    • Ashley Pichea

      Thanks for sharing your heart, Leigh Ann!