Saturday Stumbles {04.23.11}

Saturday Stumbles are a compilation of posts I’ve found throughout the week that I think you might enjoy reading as well.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and links to additional quality posts in the comments below.

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at TentBlogger: Becoming a Wabi-Sabi Blogger

“By starting with my blog’s promise, I defined my message, then I could make my lists for focus.  The lines connecting my passions and my expertise really seemed to materialize once I knew what my main message was.”

at Duane Scott: The Night Time Christian

“It is in the night, I want to talk to Him, share my fears and dreams, and hear Him whisper, “I love you.” I want to know He and I… that we’re good. It is in these dark hours, I sit beneath the cross, staring up at the lifeless form of my King, and I thank Him for all He’s done for me. I stare past the crown of thorns at the dark sky, and notice the solemn twinkle of each star. I wonder how far away each star is, and I marvel at the greatness of His creation, His plan.”

at ProBlogger: Eliminating Distractions to Get More Done

“My reason for asking these questions was simply that I realized that I needed to challenge myself to question my decisions about the way I spend my time. You see, I find that if I don’t do it, my day simply evolves form one thing to another—and many of the activities aren’t that productive.”

at Duane Scott: We Share This Space

“This life is like an airplane ride. And everyone in the world thinks they know what destination they are headed for: success, fame, fortune, and whatever comes with it. They don’t see the reality. Without Jesus, there will be death. Maybe one they never thought much about.”

at L.I.F.E. by Ashley Pichea: You Don’t Have to Yell

I decided that I would stop yelling. Right then and there, I switched from yelling to simply stating what I wanted the kids to do.”

at We are THAT Family: Honor Your Mother in the Name of Mercy

“For a $25 donation to Mercy House, the special lady in your life will receive one of these beautiful handmade cards. You can honor her by helping another mother across the globe with this gift… What better way to say YOU INSPIRE ME!”

at Heart for Him: The What Ifs

“I don’t want more worry and dependence on self. I want peace and contentment.”

What great blog posts have you read this week?