Random Ramblings, Vol. 307

How in the world are we already through the first week of March? Seriously!
March Desktop Calendar
{Photo Credit: RedStamp.com}

I honestly have felt so discombobulated lately – no idea what day it is, what time it is, what I’m supposed to be doing right now, etc. My life has literally been a blur of events and attempts to keep the spinning plates in the air.

Something needs to change this week… though, I’m not sure that waking up at 4:30am (like I did today) is going to be the answer. I definitely need to “screw my head on straight” and attack each day with a checklist of things that need to get done.

I think that might be my biggest issue – I haven’t been sitting down to plan out my day/week, and I’ve been floating from one thing to the next, sometimes without fully finishing the first. I need order back in my life!

Things I’ve been meaning/wanting to do that have fallen between the cracks:

  • Post my #3in30 goals for March:
    1. Sort, clean, and purge the upstairs linen closet.
    2. Sort, file, and purge my “inbox.”
    3. Move from Blogger to WP.
  • #3in30
    Meghan and I have both been so busy the past few weeks that staying on top of all the administrative duties (responding to emails, visiting blogs, finding sponsors, etc) of the #3in30 Challenge have started to fall through the cracks. Some days/weeks it’s all we can do to post updates on Facebook and Twitter and get the weekly linkup posted on time!
  • Daily Devotions on AP Freewriting
    I know a number of you really enjoyed the devotional posts I wrote each day in January. I would LOVE to bring those back to the blog, but I haven’t had the time to sit and write them over the past few weeks. I’m hoping that I can start writing them again now that my school workload is significantly diminished.

Why haven’t I had time to do these things? What’s my life so full of that is causing all of this to fall through the cracks?

  • School
    I just finished my last master’s level classes this past week. I just have one more class (at the undergrad level) to complete before I receive my BA and MA in May! As much as I’ve enjoyed being in school again (I honestly have), I’m ready for a break from the stress of grades and deadlines. I’m sure it won’t take long before I’m ready for a new challenge (don’t worry – it’s already in the works), but it will be nice to have a bit more free time again.
  • Puppies
    Last week, we adopted two 4-month old puppies. It was a crazy week trying to crate train them and adjust to the change to our lives. The end of the week was sad, as we had to take the female puppy back to the shelter. {Her temperament changed as the week progressed, and it became clear that she needed to be an outdoor dog.} Now we’re adjusting to life with ONE puppy – one very “big baby” who seems to be a “Momma’s boy.”
  • Family and Friends
    We have been so blessed with my husband’s work schedule to be able to have three days each week to spend together as a family. We love to “go to town” together to run errands and have lunch out on his days off. I try my best to unplug from my computer {leave my desk} as much as possible when he’s home. We’ve also been blessed with some great “new” friends over the past few months, and we’ve enjoyed “doing life together” with them. We love having them over for dinner and having them stay for 4-5 hours!
  • Church Ministry
    I’m the Christian Education committee chairperson for the second year at our church, and this year (unlike last), my responsibilities have started to take shape. Our church is in a “rebuilding” process, and as CE Chair, I have the opportunity to help shape the direction of our church’s Biblical educational goals and focus. Committee meetings, picking out and putting together curriculum, organizing small groups, coordinating with ministry heads, etc., have all been a part of this process/role. I love it!

It’s been awhile since I rambled randomly and collected my thoughts ON the blog, but I thought I would just share an honest picture into my life this week. Sometimes you need to see the discombobulation behind-the-scenes to better appreciate the words on the blog.

What have you wanted to do, but been too busy/distracted to do?
What has been distracting you?

  • Miningfordiamonds

    What has been distracting me? LIFE, lol! Seriously, though…I'm a substitute teacher and I took myself off the call list this week just so I can find my own bearings again…and I don't have nearly as much going on! You have a lot on your plate, girl! Two puppies! That's like having two newborn babies! Just take one bite at a time, and you'll get it all done!

  • apichea

    I think I also put a lot of "extra" weight on my shoulders, taking on
    responsibilities that aren't really there. Thanks for jumping in the
    conversation this morning!

  • Castle Heights Press

    Wow! Congrats on being just about finished with that degree! All you are doing is impressive. And puppies, too??!!

    I call my own juggling act the "life napkin" because my husband, observing my stress level, wrote out everything I was trying to juggle on a napkin one day. (cocktail size) It was full.

    I just migrated to WP while potty training my youngest, and the taxes almost fell through the cracks! oops.. Oh yeah, and I'm on the one blog post a week program trying to get it all done! :)

  • apichea

    It's definitely been a juggling act lately! Last summer, I actually took two
    months off blogging in order to keep life and school under control.

  • Sherry (CityChicOnAFarm)

    Hey chic found you via Jennifer Crutchfield on her tweet to us! Love the 3 in 30 idea!! Awesome way to get organized and get things done. I'm gonna have to hop on board sometime!

  • apichea

    Thanks for stopping and connecting! We'd LOVE to have you join our #3in30
    Challenge… we start fresh each month, so you could jump in a week late
    this month or start fresh with us in April. Stay connected via the #3in30
    hashtag on Twitter!

  • Tracy @HallofFameMoms

    Its tough here too. I have to help pull in some income to make up for what we aren't getting through my husband's job- so I work from home, I homeschool the boys, and then just taking care of trying to figure out a menu plan (I've never got this idea to work for long for us), planning the school work for the boys…the boys and I have been sick lately. Always something :)

    And my host is having some trouble on their end so my blog (one of my work at home jobs) has been offline since about midnight last night and I watch kids for other parent's a couple days a week, usually.

  • apichea

    Wow – you definitely have your hands full!

    What do you do to find time to refresh YOURSELF? How do you stay "sane" in
    the midst of the chaos?

  • Tracy @HallofFameMoms

    Yeah, …refresh myself ;) Well *inset proverbial scratching of head* I guess that happens when I go grocery shopping by myself or go to the gym (which is really rare right now).

    I don't have scheduled "me" time. My birthday is this month (and since we are expecting a tax return ;) I will be getting a laptop (my first EVER) for my birthday (and for work) so I will likely be taking combined "me/creative work" trips to Starbucks or other Free WiFi places :)

  • apichea

    I'm the same way! LOL… I feel "guilty" if I leave the house without my kids (especially if I'm leaving them with my hubby), and finding alone time here only happens if I get up REALLY early or hubby works late.

  • Joywriter

    All I can say is, EARLY CONGRATULATIONS on your dual degree! If you read "Have You Finished Your Homework, MOM?" you know I'm cheering for you. (((Hugs!)))
    You are doing great… just remember to breathe and take care of yourself.

  • The Lazy Mom

    Thanks for linking up! That worked out well! :)

  • Ashley Pichea

    I know! I saw your tweet, so I went over to check it out, and thought, "Wow!
    I couldn't have blogged that more perfectly!" LOL :-D

  • Kimberly

    you do have a lot of spinning plates!
    ah. life is just to busy to get things done it seems. I should clean more.

    visiting from I'm A Lazy Mom.


  • Ashley Pichea

    Thanks for stopping by!

    My biggest issue with cleaning is that I can't bring myself to clean
    something that isn't dirty (by my standards). If it's dirty, cleaning it is
    no problem! :-D

  • http://www.shoni-walkwithme.blogspot.com Shondra Walker

    Hey Ashley,
    The blog looks great!

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      Thanks, Shondra!

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