Simple Style with a Scarf

Simple Style with a Scarf

When it comes to getting dressed, I’m not a fashionista by any means. But I do enjoy having a bit of variety in my wardrobe (without the extra cost and clutter of more clothes), so I tend to keep my basic pieces simple and often “dress them up” with a… Read More »

27 Days of Thanksgiving: Day Twelve


Today, I’m thankful for “random” library finds. [Yes, I said FINDS, not fines.] When we were at the library on Tuesday, I took a quick browse through the non-fiction Thanksgiving section in the Children’s Department and happened upon a book about Myles (or Miles) Standish: The Adventurous Life of Myles… Read More »

27 Days of Thanksgiving: Day Ten


I’m thankful for the internet – and a handy man. After the issues we had this weekend (which were resolved on Saturday!), I started to notice pooling water in the cabinet under the kitchen sink, but I was struggling to find the source of the leak. This morning, I finally… Read More »

27 Days of Thanksgiving: Day Eight

running water

Today, I’m thankful for running water. Our kitchen sink is currently backed up (with no signs of wanting to drain anytime soon), and we’re waiting on word from the landlord as to what our next step is as the de-clogging gel I tried last night didn’t do squat. I’m thankful… Read More »

27 Days of Thanksgiving: Day Seven


Today, I’m thankful for blanket forts. Yesterday, my kids decided to build a blanket fort in the living room while I was taking a nap. When I woke up, I helped them build one that was sturdier, and they/we played in it for hours! What are YOU thankful for?