My Reflections on The Prodigal God {Summary}

Did you miss any of this series on The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller?

Prodigal God

I’m a People Pleaser

As a first-born child who was raised in a Christian home, I grew up “born-again” {GUBA kid} and was by instinct a people-pleaser.

I accepted Christ at the age of three, and I grew up knowing all the Scriptures and understanding the Bible. I never rebelled against my parents outwardly, and I still struggle with seeking their acceptance through my “obedience” to their rules.

The tendencies of the elder brother in this parable hit way too close to home for me to ignore.

I Need to Examine My Motives

The challenge in chapter three to examine my motives was especially eye-opening.

I had never considered before that my “good” behavior could actually be sinful, by seeking to “win” God’s favor through my actions.

I know that I’ve often found myself needing to ask forgiveness from improper motives for seemingly “good” behavior, and I think this will continue to be an area that I will need to continually bring before God. Through the prompting and prodding of the Holy Spirit, my motives can be analyzed and brought into submission to the will of God.

I Need to Act on What I Know

Chapter seven also spoke volumes to my heart as it once again reiterated my need to act on what I know.

Being a student of the Bible for my entire life, I have amassed volumes of knowledge. The application of the knowledge, though, is often slow in coming.

I struggle to do what I know is right – to act on what I say I believe. The challenge to avoid this hypocrisy of the elder brother and to live my life in light of the truth that I’ve learned from God’s Word is a challenge that I will have to face each and every day for the rest of my life.

I Need to Live by the Spirit

I need to be aware of my elder brother tendencies. I need to regularly spend time in reflection, with the Holy Spirit as my guide, confessing my hypocrisy and allowing God to guide me to the truth.

I need to find my identity in Christ, not only in knowledge but also in experience.

Only as I grow to better understand the truth of who I am in Christ will I live my life as His.

What about you?

What have you gleaned from our reading through the Prodigal God together? Has God revealed a specific truth to you?


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  • Janice

    Thanks for this series, Ashley! Like you, I often focus on looking holy rather than on soaking in Christ’s holiness by just spending time with Him. I feel more alert to that tendency, and better armed to fight it.
    Love you!

    • Ashley Pichea

      Thank you, Jan, for being a faithful reader and commenter! Your thoughts often add so much to my own. God has definitely blessed me through you!