Hawaiian BBQ Crockpot Chicken

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I’m not a big fan of spending time in the kitchen, and I tend to rely on take-out too often. This winter, however, I’m going to try to be more intentional about feeding my family quality home-cooked meals with the help of my crockpot.

Hawaiian BBQ Crockpot Chicken

When it comes to crockpot meals, I’m a big fan of “dump and let cook.” The less prep I have to do before putting the food in the crockpot the better, and this Hawaiian BBQ Crockpot Chicken recipe is one of my favorites.

Hawaiian BBQ Crockpot Chicken


  • 2-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts {I use frozen} – enough for the number of people you’re serving
  • one can of crushed pineapple
  • one bottle of BBQ sauce


  1. Spray your crockpot with non-stick spray {I use vegetable oil}.
  2. Place chicken breasts in the crockpot.
  3. Dump in one can of crushed pineapple {including the juice}.
  4. Pour in one bottle of BBQ sauce.
  5. Cook on LOW 5-6 hours or on HIGH 2-3 hours {until chicken is cooked through}.

I usually serve the Hawaiian BBQ Crockpot Chicken with a side of vegetables and/or rice.


What’s your favorite crockpot “dump and let cook” recipe?



  • http://www.facebook.com/jenyoungman Jen Carley Youngman

    my go to: 4ish frozen chicken breasts, 14oz can tomatoes (I normally do more, because I use the stewed tomatoes from our garden, but that’s the technical recipe), one can of corn (I use frozen corn from the sweet corn I froze this summer, but whatever you have works), a can of black beans, (drained), and a block of cream cheese. Sometimes I’ll add some taco seasoning or chili seasoning just to give it a little spice…. Dump and let cook… I normally let it cook all day, but you could do it half a day, easy, I’m sure as well. When I cook all day, I pull the chicken out around 1, shredd it and put it back in. Serve over rice. We eat it probably every other week, it’s a definite go to around here, and the kids love it!

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      That sounds AMAZING, and it is going on my menu plan for next week!! :) Thanks for sharing it, Jen!

  • Janice C. Johnson

    Sounds wonderful. I’ll be trying this within the week. Thanks for posting!

  • Tai

    Sounds yummy!! I do a Mexican Chicken in the crockpot. 3 chicken breasts, can of black beans-drained, can of corn-drained, about 1/2 jar of salsa-as spicy as you like. Throw it all in the crockpot and cook 6-8 hours on low. Serve over rice with shredded cheese and sour cream. Feeds about 4-6 people (or 3 for the heartier eater).

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      That sounds really yummy, and close to my next “experimental” recipe to try this week. Thanks for sharing! :)

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  • karen

    Do you cook the chicken from frozen?

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      I do, but you could also use fresh/thawed chicken – you’d just reduce the cooking time.

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