Excuses, Excuses. {Part Two}

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Last week, we started a new series for the month of March, looking at the excuses that we often give for not using our resources to help those less fortunate than ourselves. The main excuse that we are focusing on in this series is:

Any money I give will be wasted, stolen, or spent on other things. The poor will never see it.

Today, I want to dive in to the first of three realizations that God has impressed upon my heart in regard to this excuse:

It’s not my money – it’s God’s. 

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In Luke 20.22-26, the Pharisees attempted to trick Jesus in asking Him if it was lawful for them to pay taxes to Caesar. Jesus responded that they ought to “render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” (Luke 20.25).

In reality, all that we have belongs to God, and He has designated various uses for the funds He blesses us with. Some of those uses include:

  • paying taxes
  • feeding ourselves
  • providing for our families
  • blessing those who have less than we do
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I’ve come to this conclusion:

If it is God’s money, should I not give it willingly as He leads?

What about you? 

  • Are you holding on to your checkbook, credit card, wallet, purse, etc., with a closed fist
  • Or have you come to the realization that all you have is really God’s? 
We are simply stewards of His immeasurable resources.

  • Jamie (@va_grown)

    Funny story–
    Every Sunday we give our kids $1 for Sunday School offering and $1 for Childrens Church offering. I open up my littlest's bible case one Saturday night and he's got dollars falling out everywhere. I said, "Waylon, that money is for God. It's God's money." He said, "No, it's my money." I said, "No, God gives it to us and we give it back to him." So he goes to church and gives it all up. A couple weeks later he's got money everywhere again. I asked him about it and he said, "God didn't give any back to me at Church, so I'm keeping these."

    Even at 3 our hearts struggle with giving in faith. :)

  • apichea

    That is so sweet, but so indicative of our hearts. How little we truly
    understand and appreciate that EVERYTHING we have, even our very breath, is
    a gift from God. If we only lived as such. Thanks for sharing!

  • hyacynth

    Yes! It is His. I love that you listed a few of the ways we are to use His money, too. Sometimes just that simplicity of what it's for is enough to help me remember that it's not really something to be held so close to my chest.

  • SomeGirl

    Great topic to write on, Ashley. And great lesson learned/shared!

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