Christmas in February?!?

Sometime in December, my kids managed to break the CD player on the alarm clock in Jenny’s room, so they haven’t been able to listen to their CDs since then.

I didn’t replace the broken CD player, wanting them to feel the loss to help them understand the importance of taking care of their stuff.

A few weeks ago, however, I was on a bit of a nesting/organizing kick, and the kids’ bedrooms were two of my targeted areas. When I got to Jenny’s dresser, I was reminded that the pile of CDs on it hadn’t been played in a few months, so I decided to replace her alarm clock with the broken CD player with one that not only shows the time but also plays CDs. (I’d had one waiting in storage.)


An interesting CD choice…

I asked the kids which CD they’d like to listen to, suggesting maybe they’d like to listen to one of their VeggieTales CDs. They both excited agreed, so I picked up Bob and Larry Go Country {read my review} to put into the CD player.

Veggie Tales - Bob and Larry Go Country

Almost simultaneously, they both protested: “No! We want the VeggieTales Christmas CD!”

And then we proceeded to listen to Christmas music the rest of the weekend.



What CDs are favorites in your house?



  • Victoria Huizinga

    My kids are on a big Toby Mac kick. I love Toby Mac, especially when I am out running but I got to say I am getting a bit tired of him…after the kids play his same one song over and over and over again….ONE SONG!!! (sigh I sound like my mother I remember her complaining about the same thing when I use to play one song over and over)

    • Ashley Pichea

      I had to laugh when I read your comment because I know exact what you are talking about! Nothing quite like hearing the same song over and over and over to ruin a perfectly good CD or artist!