How to Train Your Child’s Heart to Love the Lord

Parenting is more than behavior-molding…

Parenting is about dealing with the heart issues behind the behaviors of your child. And the Word of God is a powerful tool to use in your heart training.

The Child Training Bible is an incredible resource for helping parents to take their children to the Word of God for heart training.

Review of the Child Training Bible

Child Training Bible


How to put together the Child Training Bible

#1 – Gather your supplies

Child Training Bible packet

Child Training Bible supplies - packet

9×6 Bible {or 8.5×5.5 in my case – oops!}

Child Training Bible supplies - Bible

colored highlighters and Post-It flags

Child Training BibleChild Training Bible supplies - highlighters and Post-It flags

#2 – When you buy the wrong sized Bible {ahem}, improvise and make the “table of contents” your “cover”

Child Training Bible

#3 – Using the Child Training Bible packet, find and highlight each verse with the corresponding colored highlighter and add the Post-It flag in line with the topic

Child Training Bible

#4 – Use the Child Training Bible as a resource in your parenting as you seek to train the heart of your children to love God completely

Child Training Bible

How to Train Your Child’s Heart to Love the Lord

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of the Child Training Bible packet in my swag bag from The 2:1 Conference, but purchased all additional supplies out of pocket. The giveaway is sponsored by in exchange for my review post. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Dumbme2u

    :( can’t say I do use it.. other than little bits here and there..  

  • Cari Shepard

    One thing we have done differently than what I grew up with is we constantly find ourselves talking with the boys about God, Jesus and the Bible.  We listen to KLove when traveling in the car about 90% of the time (occasionally my husband and I like to listen to the oldies we grew up on).  I’ve seen this Bible training product before and wanted to get it just didn’t have the finances so would love to win it!

  • Lindsey M Bell

    We try to focus a lot one one verse-love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. We’ve added motions to this verse and talk about it all throughout the day.

  • Deverie

    Would love to win this.  We use verses to get our point across all the time, and this would put everything at our fingertips.  

  • Julia

    I try to use the Bible when disciplining, but now that the kids are getting older, it would be so easy to show them using something like this.

  • DeAnna D

    Simply put… I need all the help I can get! What a great resource to have in raising children to love the Lord!

  • serena-hazel

    i try to get my boys to memorize verses… we do family devotionals…. and we pray using bible verses, especially when they are scared at night.

  • Candace Burgess Kuykendall

    I need this!!

  • Becky Milstead

    This is such a great resource!

  • Heather

    my kids are teenagers now and I have them do a reading plan and highlight the verses that the Lord is highlighting to them. I also have them write in the margin what the Lord said to them. This helps them learn to hear the voice of God. We as parents can take our kids back to those verses when we need them.  

  • Tammy Steffens

    I try to read Bible stories to our daughter about 4x/week but probably don’t use the Bible in my parenting as much as I should

  • Jade Clark

    I try to remind my son things that Jesus taught us when he’s doing something he shouldn’t.  I also use it to piraise him and say “Yes, that’s exactly what Jesus meant when he said…”  

  • Chelelew

    This is such a needed teaching tool in our house not just for the kids but for us parent stoo.

  • Deidra Fl

    We talk about the Bible at every opportunity and apply it to what is going on in our lives every day.

  • Jmsimonis

    Excited for the giveaway! Thanks!

  • Heidijokemp

    We have been using lots of verse memorization and using it to replay in situation though out the day.

  • Anna K.

    I would love to use the Word more, but we just read it and tell stories from it, that’s why I think this would be so great for us.  Thank you :)

  • Beth

    We’ve been reading a devotional nightly for two years now. Bible verse, discussion, and application or question. It’s been working really well for my son, but *I* need something to help *me* remember God’s Word when things are tough.

  • Jen

    we’ve been working on scripture memory with our son as we discipline. this bible would be such a great tool!

  • Scottmangano

    We use bible verses to discipline our children.  Usually I have to find the one that is just right.  This would be a wonderful resource to have at our fingertips.
    Thanks for the chance to win,

  • Hisfountain

    Can’t wait to give these as gifts!!!

  • Jules

    We just had our first baby and she is only 5.5 weeks old. I would love to win this Bible kit! I think it would be such a great tool to have on hand when disciplining your child. Like you said in your video, it’s not always easy to remember where a scripture is found. I have memorized scripture after scripture, but I have a hard time remembering where to find it. Thank you so much for offering this give-away! :)

  • Kala

    Not near as much as we should!! Would LOVE to win this!

  • Phoebejmthomas

    My daughter is two and I haven’t really done it thus far. I guess I was waiting until she understood more. :-)

  • Bfstoute

    We pray each night before bed.

  • Jenny Kurtz

    Try to use it, but lack the confidence I need to find the right scriptures at the right time.    Having something like this would be such a helpful tool for me as a mom & for my kids. 

  • Linsey Takacs Ash

    Would love to add this to our bible time.

  • Pei

    I haven’t been consistent in using the Bible.  That’s why  CTB looks good.

  • maggier

    I wold love to use  this tool with my rebelous teenager….its so feels so weird to say that my Homeschooler is rebelous. But she is. She makes sure she does everthing slowly & Slopily …just to get on my nerves & she has no idea how much knowing this is the relationship she wants to have with me right now breaks my heart. My only recourse is to Let God fight this Battle  & keep my peace.

  • Amanda

    I don’t use it often enough…i think this would help so much

  • Drycreekmom

    We read verses out of the Bible and talk often about how God would like us to handle different situations.  We also try to pray according to the verses that we studied at that moment.

  • DeAnna

    I would love to have the child training bible kit to use with my 5 children.  We have an 18 year old daughter,  14 year old daughter,  10 year old daughter,  5 year old son,  and 18 month daughter.  I know the biggest thing I’d like to add to my character building of my children is a quick way to pull a reference from the bible so that the instructions I’m givbing are not just what Mama said,  but what GOD’s Word said!  Hope I win this!

  • Heather

    We use the ABC Bible Verses book in our daily lessons…

  • Lauren

    To encourage, correct, and point our kids to the truth!

  • Jessica

    We do active prayer, service, and memorization

  • Nicole Pipkin

    This is so awesome! I could really use this for myself and my children. Some of them being teenagers. lol

  • Elizabeth Beer

    Currently, we read scripture together in the evenings and then recite a verse or two we are memorizing together.

  • Cindy Percival

    I can really use this for my 3 kiddos, it is super important that they learn God’s word in a fun way!

  • Kristin

    I can definitely put this to use with my kiddos!

  • Kayla Arrowood

    I try to use the Bible in everything everyday. I try to help it teach and keep my kids and I walking as close as we can with God daily.

  • Angela Brown

    We try to use the bible every day and about 2 weeks ago my 10 year gave her heart to the Lord – I was so happy. She could really use this with dyslexia things are already hard for her but with the Lord she will overcome.

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