8 Ways to Foster a Love of Learning in Your Children


My friend Colleen at Raising Lifelong Learners has graciously given me the opportunity to talk to her readers today about fostering a love of learning in their children. 8 Ways to Foster a Love of Learning in Your Children Won’t you join me on her blog today? —  

Hitting the Homeschool Reset Button


The first six weeks of our homeschool had their obstacles, but we managed to sail through them fairly well. Even when life threw us curveballs, we managed to keep up with the scheduled paced we’d set, and intentional learning was happening on a daily basis. And then mid-September arrived, and… Read More »

Our Current Homeschool Space


In my “dream home,” I would have a large, well-lit (by natural light, of course) room with lots of bookshelves, several large tables surrounded by chairs, a computer desk, a comfy couch, and lots of white space on the walls for our “homeschool room.” I’d also have a paid maid… Read More »