Sea Animal Paper Plate Aquariums

Sea Animal Paper Plate Aquariums

We got the first of our SUMMER BREAK BRAIN BAGS in the mail this week, and the kids were super excited to dig in. We started with our All About the Sea bag, deciding to do a Sea Animal Paper Plate Aquarium craft to go along with the books in… Read More »

Strategies and Activities to Improve Children’s Memory Retention

Strategies and Activities to Improve Children's Memory Retention

Everyone can have a difficult time remembering things sometimes. However, if see this happening with your children frequently, there are some things you can do to help them boost their memory and retain information longer. You can use these strategies and activities to improve children’s memory retention. 1. Rhyme it,… Read More »

10 Activities and Tips to Develop Children’s Reading Skills

10 Activities and Tips to Develop Children's Reading Skills

One of the major milestones in your children’s lives is learning to read. As a parent, this is a wonderful time but the prospect may cause some concerns. Since children begin learning the skills needed to read from birth, it’s important that you begin setting the stage early. Here are… Read More »

Why It’s Important to READ Together as a Family

Reading Together as a Family | CLICK HERE to learn why it's so important...

We all know that it’s important to read to your kids when they’re young, but what happens when they can read on their own? Is there any reason to keep reading together? Scholastic’s recently released 2015 Kids and Family Reading Report shows that 40 percent of children ages 6 to… Read More »

Books About Bugs for Kids

Books About Bugs

As the weather grows warmer here in Michigan, my kids have started spotting ALL.THE.BUGS., and their interest in learning more about the bugs they find has been sparked again. One of our favorite way to learn more about any topic is to gather lots of great books about it and… Read More »

Pull Your Weight

Groovy Lab in a Box - Pull Your Weight kit

Learning together at home with your kids can be fun when you explore scientific laws, like Newton’s Third Law, with a hands-on approach. Put away the text books and work together to study pulleys, cranes, and more with the GROOVY LAB IN A BOX monthly box: “Pull Your Weight.” “Pull… Read More »

Embracing Our “New Normal” (Including Healthier Snacking)

Embracing Our New Normal

Remember how I’ve said over and over that no two seasons of life look alike at our house? We’ve entered a new season of life once again, and our daily schedule has taken a hit. I thought I’d share a quick peek into our “new normal.” Why a “New Normal”… Read More »

8 Ways to Foster a Love of Learning in Your Children


My friend Colleen at Raising Lifelong Learners has graciously given me the opportunity to talk to her readers today about fostering a love of learning in their children. 8 Ways to Foster a Love of Learning in Your Children Won’t you join me on her blog today? —  

100 Books to Read With Your Child

100 Books to Read with Kids

Reading aloud with my kids is one of my new “intentional parenting” goals, and I recently found a list of 100 books to read with kids that I thought might be a good place to start. When Jenny was little, I read aloud to her. She was (like myself) a… Read More »

Morning Comes Too Early [weekly wrap-up]

coffee fireplace and slippers

 When I wrote Monday’s post last Friday, I had every intention of hitting the ground running first thing Monday morning. But, then my husband’s work schedule changed, and he had Monday off, making it a “family day” instead of a “school day.” So while we did manage to reset our… Read More »