Giving the Gift of Music Lessons

Give the Gift of Music Lessons

You promised yourself that this year was going to be different. This was the year that you were going to find that one gift that your kid was going to love and cherish for the rest her life. You scoured the ads and looked for that perfect gift for the… Read More »

4 Out-of-the-Box Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids


For the past few years, I’ve been less and less enamored with the idea of my kids getting “more stuff” for Christmas that they’ll play with for five minutes before breaking or forgetting about. So as I’ve shared Christmas gift ideas for my kids with family members, I’ve added items… Read More »

27 Days of Thanksgiving: Day Twenty


Today, I’m thankful for the individuals who love on my kids each week at church. There are some incredibly special people in our lives – the people who have blessed us with the gift of their service in the children’s departments at our church. Each and every week these individuals… Read More »

Creating a Simple Winter Gear Drying Station


We had our first snowfall of the year last week, and the kids were all anxious to get outside to play in the snow. After they went outside, I realized that I didn’t have a winter gear drying station. In years past, we’ve used our garage as an “undressing” area, laying… Read More »