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Welcome to Pichea Place…

…where we are on a mission to encourage, educate, equip, and edify families to do life together.

Meet the Pichea Family

Pichea Family

Ashley, Jennifer (8), Jason, Christopher (2), and David (6)

As a family, we are seeking to grow closer to one another and to God as we do life together. It is our prayer that our stories, strategies, successes, and failures might encourage you to do the same!


Meet Ashley Pichea

Work-from-Home, Homeschooling Mom and Wife

In the fall of 2008, I quit my job working outside of the home in order to become a stay-at-home mom to Jennifer and David. It was during that transition between working full-time and not working at all that I found myself in the wonderful world of blogging.

As I began to delve deeper into the world of blogging, I found myself enjoying much of the “behind-the-blog” scene, and sought to learn as much as I could about social media management, eBook publishing, and coding (HTML/CSS/PHP). I have worked with several bloggers and brands as a virtual blogging assistant and social media consultant over the past several years.

I am currently focused on creating and curating content that will encourage families seeking to do life together.

You can find me here:

More About Our Family:

  • Jason and Ashley were married in May 2005. It’s not been an easy road, but God has blessed us and we are stronger for the struggles. Be sure to check out our “Marriages Matter” series for encouragement in your own marriage!
  • Jenny joined our family in January 2007. She is extremely advanced academically {was reading words at 2.5 years old} and has a love of learning. I started homeschooling her in the fall of 2009.
  • David joined our family in September 2008. He can often be a challenge in the parenting department as is a sensory seeking twice-exceptional individual. We do a lot of character training with him to help him deal with everyday life in a way that is socially acceptable.
  • Christopher was born in May 2013 and is a “toddler tornado” who keeps us on our toes. As the “baby” of the family, he is spoiled by all of us, and he soaks up all the attention he can get.

We homeschooled Jennifer and David through the 2014-15 school year, and they will be attending our local public school in 2015-16. We were quite eclectic in our learning, especially as we have two very different learning styles and preferences. We were semi-unschooled as we tried to use life lessons to build school lessons as well as modified out-of-the-box curriculum to fit our needs. Even though we’re not currently doing any “formal” schooling at home, we are constantly on the look-out for new resources to enhance our learning together at home.

We love to share snippets of our daily life together on Facebook and Instagram… be sure to follow us there!