10 Favorite Date Ideas from 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates by Rob & Joanna Teigen {book review}

A father should hold his daughter’s heart until the day she is ready to give it away to “the one” with whom she will spend the rest of her life. A great way to build this special Father-Daughter relationship is through Father-Daughter Dates.

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Nothing is sweeter than a Daddy-Daughter relationship. When I see the way my husband and daughter interact, it makes my heart smile!

Daddy-Daughter Dates

A daddy should hold his daughter’s heart until the day she is ready to give it away to “the one” with whom she will spend the rest of her life. A great way to build this special Daddy-Daughter relationship is through Daddy-Daughter Dates.

Rob & Joanna Teigen understand the importance of the Daddy-Daughter relationship and have put together 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates that dad’s can replicate as they seek to grow their relationships with their daughters.

The “Grab” and “Go” sections listed for each date will help you plan your time and make it happen… The “Grow” section of each date helps you connect on a deeper level with each other and with God.

Beginning with 10 Tips for a Successful Daddy-Daughter Date and ending with a special 20 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates for You and Your Teenager, 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates has everything you need to get started dating your daughter!

From the Publisher:

This innovative book gives dads a wide variety of fun ideas for spending quality time with their little girls. Each date tells you what to grab (any needed supplies), where to go, and how to grow together while having a blast. You’ll also find Scriptures and questions for each date to get conversation flowing. From bird-watching and making paper airplanes to bowling and photo scavenger hunts, there’s something for every dad and every little girl ages 6-12.

She’ll be your daughter for life. But she’ll only be your little girl for a while. Make the most of this special time with the help of 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates.

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10 Favorite Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas:

Putt-Putt and Pictures


We All Scream for Ice Cream

Bike Ride

Movie Night

Mad Libs

Have a Ball {take your daughter to a ball game}

Around the World in 80 Minutes {visit a local international cuisine restaurant}

What Do You Do All Day? {take your daughter to where you work}

20 Questions


Share your Daddy-Daughter Date ideas in the comments!!

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  • Jill

    Tom has been doing Daddy/Daughter date night with Kyanne for a while.  She so looks forward to these dates and they have a blast together!  She gets all dressed up for her Daddy.  They come home with tons of stories.

    • renee’

      Scott takes Abby to musicals.  101 Dalmations and Mary Poppins have been her favorites!  They go to the afternoon show then dinner.  What a fun time they have!

  • http://twitter.com/JamieRobertson Jamie Robertson

    I love to go for bike rides with my daughter! It’s something special that her and I share together.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      What a great way to spend quality time with her. Thanks for sharing!

  • Chrys

    When our oldest started reading, my husband started taking her to his favorite comic book shop about once a month. Now, a decade later, she is an avid reader (and still loves her comic books). A few other favorite dates for my husband and our daughters include: 
    remote control sail boats- a local mall has these set up in a fountain over the summer 
    the zoo
    movie marathon
    build a bear
    science project nights
    den camping 
    shopping for presents for other family members
    making a meal together
    taking the kids of a tour of places where special memories were made

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      What a neat tradition to have started! I love these ideas… thanks for sharing, Chrys!

  • Kimjazz3

    Pancake Saturday AM’s. :)

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

       Ooohh… what a fun tradition! I remember Saturday mornings with my dad – cartoons and sugar-y cereal!! :)

  • http://twitter.com/CraigslistDad W. Moy

    One on one trips to the park, zoo, aquarium, ice crem treat.  My 5.75yo daughter and I have a special goodnight kiss & hug routine at bedtime :-)  Daddy daughter relationships are key to our daughters making good decisions with boyfriend/husband in teh future.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      I love the bedtime routine! And I totally agree w/ daddy-daughter relationships setting a great foundation for dating/marriage relationships in the future. SO important!!

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  • http://twitter.com/franktan franktan

    I have two girls and I love that I get to do different things with them, because they’re different from each other and have unique interests. My older daughter is working with me to sow a bit of civil disobedience (see Blue Like Jazz movie for PCR). My younger daughter enjoys running, so we go outdoors to run.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      I love that you’ve recognized the differences in your daughters’ interests and cater to each individually!

  • Carrie

    I need to get this book for my hubby…this sounds AMAZING…I have also heard there is a book by Meg Meeker…I think…that all Daddy’s need to read…forget what it is called though…

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

       Is it “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters”?

  • Sylvest1

    My two daughters, 9 & 3 years old, look forward to their dates with dad. It’s not only to go out to eat, get pedicures, & movies. It is a time for their dad to listen without distractions. It makes them happy, confident, and they are learning more of qualities they would want for their future husband.

    We have 2 boys also and when I have dates with them, I am showing them how to treat their future wife and daughter. It is a cycle of positive experiences. We get to discuss what they’re thinking and concerns, girls, boys, school, etc.

    After our dates, my husband and I swap fun stories about the kids. It is a lot of work with 4 kids and we have made it a priority.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

       What a blessing your kids have in you! Thank you for sharing!

  • Golf

    My daddy and i used to go out on daddy-daughter dates once I started working. That way I could treat him. We would get all dressed up and go out about every month. Whether it was dinner and a movie or a walk on the beach or just ice cream. It was our time. I have 2 sisters. We haven’t done that in years, the last one was two days before I got married. I miss that. I have started that with my kids now. My little boy and I went on a date the day before I had my little girl. He’s only 2 and doesn’t understand, but it’s all about the memories. she’s 1 and usually goes to sleep in the car before we get anywhere. :). My sisters and I have the best relationship with my daddy, and our mom too! These are the little things in life that make you smile.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      I love hearing memories like these – thanks for sharing!

  • Tiffany the Dietitian

    My dad and I had and still do have a great relationship. We did a lot of things together, but my favorite memories were finding the hand-written “love notes” he would put in my lunchbox to surprise me. It would only be a simple one-liner like “I love you, have a great day” or “I’m so proud of you”, but it was so thoughtful and sweet, I still remember it today.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      Sometimes a hand-written note can brighten your day – what a fun memory!

  • Stephanie

    This year for FBLA one of our fundraisers was the “Winter Wonderland” and all sorts of little girls signed up to be pampered and ‘princess-ed up’ for a day. They came into school wearing their prettiest dresses and the girls of FBLA would do their hair, nails, and make-up where-as the guys would escort them from station to station. One of the little girls who was at my nail table told me that her daddy (our school’s band director) was picking her up from the Winter Wonderland and taking her out for dinner and a movie afterwards. Being a daddy’s girl myself, that absolutely warmed my heart!

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      What a sweet moment for that little girl!

  • Tiffani

    My dad and I had this awesome tradition that I wish he were alive to still share with me. I would come home from school (or practice later in high school) and there would be a note taped to the door of my room or my bathroom mirror. I would be given directions to follow to find the next note. It would continue with me running through the whole house searching for the next note and ending in a surprise. One time, my dad was at the end with the keys to his car. He then proceeded to take me on my first driving lesson (albeit illegally, pre-permit). My dad was a romantic and in a way, he romanced his daughter too. I pray that my husband will be the father that my dad was…a godly, Christian man who puts God first and his family next.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      I love this idea! Thank you for sharing your memory with us, Tiffani!

    • http://www.facebook.com/GlowingSpirit Sabrina S. Esparza-Brown

      I Love this Idea,Lucky girl :)

  • JessMarie

    My Dad was always working outside. There were six kids in my family (3 of each) so I made it a habit to go out and help him sometimes. We talked about all sorts of things while weeding the garden and such. Now I love gardening, and am working on become a landscaper. As we would join sports in school he would become so involved, and even ended up coaching a lot of our teams.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      What a great way to be intentional about spending time w/ your dad – and what a special bond you share!

  • Daphne

    I think it’s important for dads and daughters to do boyish things in a sense. I love going to baseball games and fishing with my dad. It also has showed me that someday when I’m in a relationship we will have to make compromises. My dad can take me to a girly movie or help me hook a catfish and either way it’s a wonderful time.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      I completely agree!! Thanks for joining the conversation, Daphne! :)

    • Laura

      Great point!! I always enjoyed, and still do to this day, the things that my Dad included me in.. his favorite tv shows, his favorite pastimes, etc.

  • Sanderson

    I agree that doin boy-ish things together is important but it is the norm. My daughter gets such a kick when they have daddy-daughter time and he lets her paint his nails and have a tea party. I think it’s important that he can become part of her world as well! It’s like they spend time sharing interests.

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  • Blair

    Lists like these are wonderful, however typically for fathers with elementary age daughters. Don’t leave out the dads with toddlers! :)
    These are a few things my husband does regularly with our soon to be 2 year old daughter.
    1. Donuts with Dad (or eating out at any great breakfast place – iHop, etc.)
    2. Park Play Date.
    3. Tea Party on a blanket in the yard.
    4. Story Time (either at home, or at the library)
    5. Arts & Crafts (typically coloring together).
    6. Toy Store (our daughter thinks the toys live at the toy store, and she just visits them.. but this provides some fun exploring and playing.)

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      I love these ideas, Blair! Thanks for sharing!

  • Stef

    My dad used to take me to the arcade to play all the games, win tickets, and prizes. I loved this because I was from a family of 8 so 1 on 1 time was rare. I ended up marrying a computer scientist who loves playing video games as well, and I’m one of those girls who enjoys playing games with my hubby now.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      They say your relationship with your dad plays a big role in your choice of a spouse – what a special relationship you had with your dad and now have with your husband!

  • Lillian

    Both of my boys are really involved with their liitle girls, and always do Daddy,daughter dates. I smile when i remember an incident this past summer. My one son had been to the toy store with his daughter and had bought her an expensive toy house and “critter” play set. I watched as both on the livingroom floor were happily assembling the house – adding stickers, and rooms of furniture, and discussing what fun this was , when my grandaughter reached over and gently tapped my son on his knee without saying a word. – The hidden message being – you’re having too much fun here Dad, this is My toy. Needless to say he Loves playing Barbies or whatever with his girl.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      Thanks for sharing that story – it made me smile!!

  • Jackie Ryan

    My niece doesn’t have her father in her life, so my husband and her have regularly scheudled dates. One of her favorites is going to the pet store to look at all the animals.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      What a great thing your husband is doing – having a father-figure in a young girl’s life is so important!

  • Linda

    My dad was a Dr. who YES made house calls after his afternoon apts. He would take turns taking one of is 5 daughters with him. Back then it was safe to leave us in the car or he would take us inside depending on the situation. After visiting the sick he would then go to the local pharmacy where he would fill out prescriptions and we would be treated to the soda fountain. My mom always wondered why we did not eat our supper on those nights. I cherish these memories.

  • Abbi

    I live these ideas

  • Abbi

    Me and my dad go shopping together or go fishing every time we switch between him and me for activities

  • clplus1

    I am a Daddy’s girl for sure. And still am my real father hasn’t really been in my life but my “dad” or Blue as I call him is my best friend. He goes with me for all medical things even slept on the couch when I was having my son. When I was younger in High School he would take me shopping (my first and really only fashion critic that I listen too) He has been there for all the important dresses from my first dance to my Prom court dress to picking out my Maid of Honor dress. There is no way I would let my mom pick out my jeans. Also we have a movie tradition. When great ones come out we go together I hold the popcorn he does the salt I always of a shirt for his elbow (he has nerve damage) And to this day when I take my 3 year old to visit and spend the night at Papa’s house he always makes pancakes in the morning. He came to every game I ever played in and one year in college when I had to go to all these plays for a class he came to everyone with me. One year he bought a business for me to run it was a great couple of years but when I wanted to go back to school he sold it and drove me and all of my stuff to Chicago so I could finnish school. (the second time he drove me out of state to go to school) and every couple of months he come for a weekend just us we would take in a show or go to a concert and he drove me home when I graduated and let me crash for the summer in my room at the lake house. He is my Daddy and my best friend. He is no longer married to my mom but he is still my Dad not because he has to be but because he wants to be. He taught me how to change my tires but still comes to do it for me and hangs all my pictures even though he did buy me a tool kit. I think its in his attack. Every time I came home from Chicago on the train my mom would take my luggage and my dad and me would go get dinner on a Harley. Okay Ill stop this is getting really long. Sorry Oh my son is named after him

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      What a great example of a non-biological father… thanks for sharing!

    • Cathy

      Such special memories to have.

  • kats

    My husband loved Daddy Daughter dates. And the girls loved them too. When our oldest daughter turned 16 she invited Dad to be her first real date Paid for the dinner and bought him a flower. As each of the other girls (3 total) turned 16 the also invited Dad to be their first date.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      What a sweet memory for each of them – thanks for sharing!

  • Paul Schumacher

    Thank you for a great article. I have added this to my blog about dating your kids. http://dateyourkids.blogspot.com/ Please keep me posted on any other dating your kids ideas that you may have.

  • Jmelyn

    My favorite dates My did with H was taking her out for Valentines Dinner. They both got all dressed up and he bought her a rose:) he told her he would take her anywhere she wanted. She being 8 chose KFC lol. He brought the rose in a vase and set it up at the table. It was so special for her and they had a great time! He also takes her bowling, to the movies, for motorcycle rides, and “adventure” walks in our neighborhood, fishing ect.

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  • Charlie Evans Vecchio

    I’ve been taking my daughter on dates since she was 6 months old. We have an amazing relationship but to me it’s kind of sad. When I go out with my daughter, tons of people come up to me and thank me for being so good to my daughter and how refreshing it is to see me with her. Why is it refreshing? I’m just being a Dad to my kid. It’s sad that when a Dad is just doing what he thinks every parent should be doing, people get shocked. I love my daughters and not because I want people to compliment me but because they are part of me and I would do anything for them.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      I agree, Charlie. Being a good dad “should” be the norm, but in our culture, unfortunately it’s not. Thanks for being a good dad to your daughter and setting an example for others to follow!

  • http://www.brushfiremind.com Chris Lowry

    There’s a place nearby where they sell unfired, simple pottery. You pick out paints and decorate your piece. They have coffee cup, vases, picture frames… etc. You paint and them and leave them there to be fired. A week later you go back to pick up your pottery and have ice cream next door!

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      That’s a great daddy-daughter date idea, Chris! I know my daughter would LOVE doing that with my husband… thanks for sharing!

  • Heather B.

    This is great. What a great book. We do Mommy/Son dates, too. For us, it depends on the child and their likes and dislikes, too. I’m sure you address that in the book. We love “movie night” and our rituals around that – popcorn, finger foods, turning our all the lights; and ice skating is a big favorite, even in summer. The ice arena in our town is inexpensive. I can’t agree enough with the importance of the daddy/daughter relationship. Our society is dependent on the success of that and the building into our kids/girls. I’m always glad to see dads stepping up. We’ve been reading another new book (renewed) that I think you would really like. It’s called “She Calls Me Daddy: 7 Things You Need to Know About Building a Complete Daughter,” by Robert Wolgemuth. It was a best seller in the 90s and now his grown daughters have added their input for added perspective. So great for helping daddies learn to lead, love and cherish. I highly recommend it!

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      Thank you for that book recommendation, Heather!

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  • MissyV

    My Dad & I had a rocky relationship when I was growing up. But then I started college. He picked me up every single Thursday night. We always went grocery shopping and to dinner. Most of the time he paid, sometimes I did. But it was our “thing” and I loved it. Those years meant more to me than anything and I cherish them now that he is gone.

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      What a great memory with your Dad, Missy. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  • karli

    I love going to garage sales with my dad on saturdays

    • http://blog.ashleypichea.com Ashley Pichea

      What a fun way to spend time together!