when life resembles a pile of puzzle pieces


Sometimes you look at your life and wonder what in the world is happening. Instead of being able to see a picture, you just see a pile of scattered jigsaw puzzle pieces that don’t seem… Read More »

A Bouquet of Love by Janice Thompson


When the Cassia Pappas arrives on Galveston Island, TX, with her very Greek family from Southern California, she’s in for a rough landing. Juggling family obligations, new friendships, a new job, and a new love,… Read More »

Doing Dishes to Defeat Depression


One of the most difficult parts of this time of transition that we’ve been in since last July is the fact that I have not had an extended break from my kids alone with my… Read More »

Developing Lifelong Learners with #ZooApologia


We had great hopes for “doing school” all summer long – we even acquired “special” curriculum for our summer learning adventures – but when life happened, all thoughts of formal learning went out the window.… Read More »

Celebrate Back-to-School with a Pizza Night


Last week, we started back-to-school. As you might imagine, it was a rough week going from no routine to a full school workload seemingly overnight! So, to celebrate having our first week of school successfully… Read More »

Our Current Homeschool Space


In my “dream home,” I would have a large, well-lit (by natural light, of course) room with lots of bookshelves, several large tables surrounded by chairs, a computer desk, a comfy couch, and lots of… Read More »

Road Trips: Tips and Tricks


Our family loves road trips. My husband loves travelling and going out of town. He also loves long drives. As a pastor he is not able to do that as often as he would like,… Read More »

Back to School Bucket List


Back to school is here already. It doesn’t matter where your kids go to school – home, public, private, etc. – it’s almost time to go back. That means routines and life is switching gears.… Read More »

Happy First Day of [Home]school 2014!

First Day of Homeschool 2014 - Curriculum Choices for 3rd Grade and Kindergarten

Today is our first day of (home)school for the 2014-2015 school year, and the kids are super excited to finally be able to dig into our curriculum for this year. Yes, at this point my… Read More »

Beat the Heat with Water Olympics


We live in Georgia, and it is hot, hot, hot during the summer months. So hot at times that it is unbearable! Where we live we can not have a pool, so we have to… Read More »