Sunday = a day of UNrest


I started to write a post on the topic of a lack of rest on Sunday that is propagated by an overabundance of programming by the local church on that day. But the deeper I dug on the topic of “keeping the Sabbath,” the more I realized that my understanding… Read More »

Save BIG on Family Game Night


We love spending the evening playing our favorite games together as a family. And now that the kids are “old enough” to be able to sit through an entire board game AND follow the rules, it’s even more fun! Save BIG on Family Game Night $3.00 off Operation or Battle… Read More »

Hitting the Homeschool Reset Button


The first six weeks of our homeschool had their obstacles, but we managed to sail through them fairly well. Even when life threw us curveballs, we managed to keep up with the scheduled paced we’d set, and intentional learning was happening on a daily basis. And then mid-September arrived, and… Read More »